New Ideas for your Beach Wedding

Around the world, and here in America, beach destination weddings are continuing to rise in popularity, with new and unique ideas by brides and grooms taking the lead. Wedding professionals like Ideal I Do’s appreciate the personal touches available to everyone.



Beach escapes will always be popular.  Florida is always at the top of the list as there are 800 miles of beaches to choose from.



Each couple has a story to tell of their journey into love and down the aisle. This journey is an important part of their narrative, and is the motivation behind personalization. Gone are the days of pre-planned, formulaic destination wedding packages, built for convenience over individuality. Today’s couples are exercising their influence over ceremony spots, rituals, menus, favors, attire and entertainment.



Paying attention to our planet is no longer a trend, but a mandate to many wedding couples and young wedding couples today are accustomed to exercising their influence over their environment. Opportunities to conserve and preserve are plentiful, also in destination weddings. Ideal I Do’s offers the best option in “leave no trace – do no harm” philosophy.  We never leave anything behind except it it is natural and organic, such as real rose petals from the aisle.  Florida also has green resorts and eco-friendly restaurants.


Eco friendly can be budget friendly too!  Couples are turning to “save the date” e-cards as well as recycled paper for their stationery needs.  Sustainable organic flowers and using local in-season food appeal to couples wanting to tie the knot away at the beach while still honoring their commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.


Unique Couples Choose Unique Weddings 


Long on the forefront of marriage equality, Ideal I Do’s applauds Florida’s law endorsing same-sex weddings.



Couples love to include traditions and customs from their heritage on their special day, and there’s no reason to think this can’t be done at a destination. With an understanding of this need, select destination wedding resorts offer cultural wedding packages. From kosher cuisine for Jewish weddings and long celebrated experiences for Hindu weddings to seaside Catholic wedding chapels, an increasing number of venues seek to tailor their packages to meet every couple’s needs.



Ideal I Do’s website is full of local south Florida attractions.   What better way to include some quality time with friends and family? Whether it’s a sightseeing tour or a boating adventure, fishing, arranging excursions for the group is a fun way to include everyone in the festivities. Group activities also pave the way for an amazing collection of images, as destination wedding photographers continue to offer more extensive coverage in an effort to capture the entire trip.


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