Have the perfect cheap destination wedding in South Florida!

Cheap Destination wedding

Destination Weddings at an affordable price

The U.S. State of Florida offers the exotic feel of the tropics — beaches, tall palm trees, wonderful weather, fishing and diving — with no hassle whatsoever.

1. Pleasant breezy mornings – There’s a quiet luxury to mornings on your terrace when early risers can brew coffee and curl up on a patio while the rest of the party sleeps in. Watch the sun rise while you sip your joe and eat your croissants.  Snap a few selfies! Whether you have eloped to the beach and the two of you honeymooning or the whole family traveled with you for the big event, you can find hotel rooms, houses, even villa-style accommodations with the ease of leisurely mornings and meals at any hour, plus all the amenities you expect from Florida destination level regard for your comfort.

2. The Florida Everglades are the largest continental  U.S. National Park, and a green swath of sawgrass swamp serving as an inspiring big-day backdrop or additional photo location if you so choose. Although brides are prohibited from arriving at their beach ceremonies via parachute, Florida is a playground for adventurous couples looking to hike, fish, explore the everglades via kayak or Jeep or seek out hidden snorkel spots.

3. Beaches for every personality from off-the-beaten path to packed party spots with blenders whirring, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach counties offer a beaches suited to every traveler. Biscayne Bay is Miami Beach’s most famous and most popular bay, making it especially good for larger groups. But when it’s just the two of you, steal away to spots like the Key Biscayne Lighthouse or the Hillsboro Lighthouse.

4. Everybody for Scuba or snorkeling along Deerfield beach. All divers and snorkelers are welcome – Couples who take to the sport can continue courses with private lessons or group instruction. Plus, the dive boat — and the beach — are just yards from your room.

5. In the Details RJ, owner of Ideal I Do’s, isn’t in the business of planning just destination weddings — she handles every detail of destination vacations. A wedding designer with  years of beach destination wedding experience, she arranges the big-day necessities and caters to every whim (she’s even pulled of surprise weddings). RJ also handles the accommodations, day-after brunches, wedding-party excursions and so much more.

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    Why: With its sunny weather and beautiful beaches, Florida competes with the Caribbean and Mexico in beach appeal and is likely to be cheaper and easier for your guests to travel to. In addition to sand and surf, it boasts world-famous amusement parks and great access to golf and other outdoor sports. Each Florida location is a unique experience: Head to Palm Beach for a preppy country club-style affair, Miami for an event with international flavor, and the Keys to soak up a laid-back island vibe.

    When to go: North Florida’s high season runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day, while southern Florida’s high season is December through April. The summer months are also beautiful and may be less expensive (although it can be very hot). Be sure to keep hurricane season in mind (officially June through November). And you may want to avoid spring break destinations such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale during February and March, when those cities tend to be overrun with partying college kids.

    Guest activities: Coastal Florida is all about the beach, so guests can lie on it lazily or head into the water for waterskiing, fishing, sailing, and parasailing. Golf addicts will have plenty of greens to choose from, and the area surrounding Orlando is theme-park central, perfect if you have lots of little kids in your family and circle of friends. With its big-city sophistication and lengthy beaches, Miami has it all. The tropical setting is lush and the sunsets are romantic. From shopping to snorkeling, this famous honeymoon destination has you covered.


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