Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Beach Wedding

Love is on the sand here in South Florida everywhere you turn, wintertime, summertime do. In light of wedding season, we’d like to leave some reminders of important dos and don’ts for weddings.


DON’T: Get overheated. Let’s start by keeping our cool. The sun’s beating rays are no joke in Florida, especially during summer. Don’t forget to think about your guests, who will most likely be arriving early to make it on time to your ceremony.

DO: Keep the sunshine in mind. While going to the beach in a swimsuit and dunking in the water when you get hot is comfortable, being on the beach fully clothed for an hour can be less comfortable.  This is why we try to schedule our weddings for morning or sunset. In the middle of the day with the sun beaming down and reflecting off the water, be sure to have options to keep your guests comfortable and cool. We always bring a ice-cold water bottles for your guests to grab and have with them at their seats.   


DON’T: A beach wedding that starts at sunset may sound like the ultimate romantic wedding; however, you must be on time!  As fun as it is being fashionably late, the sun will set on us and, as it can get dark fairly quickly once the sun goes down, leave us no time for champagne toast and post-ceremony beach pictures.

DO: Before you have your mind completely set on a specific time to start the ceremony, consult with your wedding planner. Be very careful in timing your day so that you are sure to get to the beach on time.  If you really want to seal your ceremony with a kiss at sunset, consider taking your pictures before the ceremony.


DON’T: Just because South Florida has one of the most beautiful and romantic settings on Earth, doesn’t necessarily mean mother nature will always comply.  While the ocean makes it’s own weather and it rarely rains on the beach, sometimes we have to wait out a little rain – no problem! We never charge you for a rain delay. 

DO: When picking a date, keep climate and seasons in mind. Although is located in the northern part of Florida, it does occasionally rain here and the likelihood is higher during summer during the afternoon.  


DON’T: Parking at the beach can get competitive; the last thing you’d want is for Grandma Auntie Em and Aunt Bee to be late for the wedding because they couldn’t find parking.

DO: Go to your wedding beach for a “dry run” and look at the parking conditions.  Are the meters complicated? Is there enough parking for your guests?  Let your guests know (or set the wedding time for earlier) to give them enough time to find parking. If you have a wedding for over 25 guests we recommend hiring a “coach” or bus to transport everyone (except the bride of course) to the beach!


Lastly, we’d like to remind you: DON’T fuss over all the little things, beach weddings are by definition, laid back and relaxed.  Don’t over do the planning and let us do the planning for you! This way you will enjoy yourself! It’s your big day and we’re here to help through it! Just e-mail us at and check out our website We’ll send you on your way to your dream south Florida Beach Wedding!

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