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Cheap Florida Beach Destination Wedding Anyone?

beach wedding

A beautiful beach wedding

Cheap Destination Beach weddings in Florida are a popular choice for couples looking to combine a beach wedding, a beach wedding reception, and a vacation on a budget. Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach Weddings are affordable and elegant

One of the latest trends in the world of Florida beach weddings is designing your own custom ceremony, taking all the individual components and then customizing a wedding, Florida vow renewal, or elopement from beginning to end. This can be a daunting task when planning from out of state (or outside the US) and the complexity of the wedding decor required is easy to underestimate. Ideal I Do’s Beach Weddings, one of the premier Florida beach wedding companies in South Florida, is based in Delray Beach. Their Florida beach weddings and reception packages take much of the guesswork out of long-distance planning, allowing the couple to be as involved as they want to be, without worrying about missing a critical element of the big day or not getting the best price possible, whether the budget is modest or extravagant. Every service is tailored to some extent as no two couples are identical and the goal is to deliver the best possible experience for the couple and any guests who travel to witness the celebration.
For many, this entails looking at accommodation, too. One option to consider is a beach house. Offering wedding and hotel packages extends the fun beyond the wedding day to an opportunity to spend quality family time enjoying a more traditional beach vacation in Florida. The family and friends can stay in hotels right on the beach, enjoying some serious beach time and fun. Then following the ceremony on the shore, the beach of their featured Florida beach wedding package is transformed into the reception space with our signature Beach Bites – wedding reception package.
Miami Beach Weddings, Fort Lauderdale Beach Weddings, South Florida Beach Weddings, and cheap destination weddings boast spectacular sunset views over the Gulf of Mexico, perfect for couples who want sunset wedding day portraits. Florida beach weddings and reception packages can be purchased which includes the ceremony and also the party to follow. This may include items such as a DJ, a custom made cake, a coordinator for the wedding and a professional beach wedding photographer. The time with the photographer can be extended to include the preparations for the ceremony, and time afterward at the reception which may feature the cake cutting, toasts, and dances.
About Ideal I Do’s South Florida Beach Weddings
Ideal I Do’s is based in Delray Beach and offer beach weddings in Florida on the sandy beaches in South Florida in the Palm Beach, Broward and Miami areas. With a range of Florida beach wedding packages ranging from a simple beach elopement ceremony to our Silver Starfish and Ultimate Romance packages, they have the experience to tailor each special day to the couple and their unique wishes. Choose from themes and color schemes featured on their website or choose something totally new. With all color choices and styles incorporating the beach in our sand ceremony and seashell aisle and a staff of beach wedding photographers, wedding videographers, wedding ministers and wedding planners who craft Florida beach weddings and Florida vow renewals to delight. They take the guesswork out of planning a beach wedding in Florida.
Phone: 800-643-3254

Why a Florida Beach Wedding?

There’s just something so romantic about a couple saying their wedding vows to the tune of the ocean waves crashing behind them.  Ideal I Do’s has the perfect pretty beachside ceremony – yours to customize from $299 to $1999.  A great beach wedding at a very affordable price.
If you’re considering getting hitched near the South Florida ocean – whether it be Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or anywhere in Palm Bach, we’ve got some wonderful beaches for you to choose from. We know all the quiet beaches too! These beach weddings are so idyllic, they’ll make you want to hit the coast, post-haste. Choose a tropical Florida celebration, seaside nuptials are beyond breathtaking. We provide the arch, aisle, chairs, music, photography and video – we even bring champagne and refreshments to the beach!

Contact Ideal I Do’s and start making your beach wedding come true!

Your Destination Wedding Questions Answered!

Your Destination Wedding Question Answered!

Why have one? If you’re looking for a unique way to say “we do” while surrounded only by your closest friends and family members, a destination wedding in a romantic location is ideal.

Where should we have it? Having a destination wedding allows you to exchange vows in a stunning paradise. Whether you envision your ceremony on a white-sand beach, atop a cliff overlooking the ocean, within a blooming garden, or surrounded by mountains, the options for Florida Destination Wedding locations are as limitless as your imagination.

Do I have to spend a lot? Destination weddings can be as lavish or simple as you desire and there are endless options to fit all budgets, from a luxurious reception in a ballroom to a casual beach party.


How many guests should I have?

Destination weddings allow couples to have intimate celebrations with just a few guests or a larger wedding with as many as 100 friends and family members. A destination wedding allows you to spend quality time with your guests in a relaxing setting over three or four days, making memories for years to come.

Aren’t Destination weddings more expensive? Destination weddings are typically less expensive for couples than traditional celebrations, as guests usually pay for their own travel and accommodations.  You can also mix and match our packages and options – they start at only $149!

Experience the Difference of Ideal I Do’s Florida beach wedding destination planning

A destination wedding is most successful when planned by an expert who can assist with the considerable planning and research that it takes.

What does Ideal I Do’s do exactly? We work on creating personalized celebrations with outstanding service is what. For more information about, call us anytime at 800-6-Idealidos (643-3254) to speak with one of our customer service representatives.

We look forward to making all of your destination wedding dreams come true.


Have the perfect cheap destination wedding in South Florida!

Cheap Destination wedding

Destination Weddings at an affordable price

The U.S. State of Florida offers the exotic feel of the tropics — beaches, tall palm trees, wonderful weather, fishing and diving — with no hassle whatsoever.

1. Pleasant breezy mornings – There’s a quiet luxury to mornings on your terrace when early risers can brew coffee and curl up on a patio while the rest of the party sleeps in. Watch the sun rise while you sip your joe and eat your croissants.  Snap a few selfies! Whether you have eloped to the beach and the two of you honeymooning or the whole family traveled with you for the big event, you can find hotel rooms, houses, even villa-style accommodations with the ease of leisurely mornings and meals at any hour, plus all the amenities you expect from Florida destination level regard for your comfort.

2. The Florida Everglades are the largest continental  U.S. National Park, and a green swath of sawgrass swamp serving as an inspiring big-day backdrop or additional photo location if you so choose. Although brides are prohibited from arriving at their beach ceremonies via parachute, Florida is a playground for adventurous couples looking to hike, fish, explore the everglades via kayak or Jeep or seek out hidden snorkel spots.

3. Beaches for every personality from off-the-beaten path to packed party spots with blenders whirring, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach counties offer a beaches suited to every traveler. Biscayne Bay is Miami Beach’s most famous and most popular bay, making it especially good for larger groups. But when it’s just the two of you, steal away to spots like the Key Biscayne Lighthouse or the Hillsboro Lighthouse.

4. Everybody for Scuba or snorkeling along Deerfield beach. All divers and snorkelers are welcome – Couples who take to the sport can continue courses with private lessons or group instruction. Plus, the dive boat — and the beach — are just yards from your room.

5. In the Details RJ, owner of Ideal I Do’s, isn’t in the business of planning just destination weddings — she handles every detail of destination vacations. A wedding designer with  years of beach destination wedding experience, she arranges the big-day necessities and caters to every whim (she’s even pulled of surprise weddings). RJ also handles the accommodations, day-after brunches, wedding-party excursions and so much more.

Summer Beach Destination Weddings

Sbeach wedding frameummer is here and romance is in the air; perfect time for a destination beach wedding in beautiful South Florida. Escape to sub-tropical paradise while leaving the stress of your everyday lives behind you.

Can you imagine yourself on your wedding day; walking down the sandy aisle, covered with fresh flower petals; the gentle afternoon breeze escorting you into your future; the melody of gentle waves and seagulls caressing the shoreline nearby? Whether you are surrounded by family and friends or are accompanied only by nature; you are certain to have a wedding day you will never forget.

Is the idea of a destination wedding romantic and enchanting; the tropical flowers, the warm ocean breeze, the sound of the sea rolling lazily on the shoreline? Of course this sounds wonderful, but who will help you organize it when you live on another continent or keep you relaxed as your big day approaches? Ideal I Do’s!

Here at Ideal I Do’s – an affordable destination wedding is in your budget – you have several choices when planning your destination wedding; organize on your own, organize through a resort or organize through a professional wedding planner located right here in South Florida..

Now, more than ever, couples are saying “I do” later in life. And for many of these long-time lovers it is their first marriage. While a traditional marriage ceremony still attracts many Newlyweds, it is becoming more popular to find couples looking for a unique, unforgettable wedding experience such as a romantic beach wedding.

A beach wedding easily carries the images of happiness, relaxation and fun, not stress and worry as a traditional wedding with hundreds of people you don’t know, often has.

On the Florida Beach water plays a large role in many of our local celebrations. If it’s wet on a wedding day, it is believed to both cleanse and purify the body and soul; allowing a marriage to begin fresh and new. The more water that passes over your skin on a day of celebration, the more purified you become. So if it happens to be a little wet on your wedding day, do what the Floridians do and embrace it. If the weather is dry, ask about the  Shell or Water Blessing if you want to guarantee this important tradition during your destination wedding ceremony.

The Dream of a Beachside Wedding

It might be just a dream of yours. Or, at least a gauzy vision inspired by a romantic movie.

You awaken in your beachside hotel that overlooks the azure Atlantic ocean   with warm beige sand. That swirl of white crescent wave and bit of blue out your window couldn’t be more calming. That’s because I’ve come here to get married—and the scene set by the beach and ocean is nature’s altar and wedding decoration.

At Ideal I Do’s, south Florida’s premier wedding company, you will find all sorts of beach wedding packages to suit your needs and budget.  Whether it be a celebration for 2 or 200, this is your day, my stay at this gorgeous beach  to celebrate your big moment, seems more like her wedding gift than a ceremony.

Set amid the United States’ longest state shoreline, far flung enough from the snowy north, the serene ocean beckons as a haven. It’s the place for a bride and groom to hide out (although, if you visit, you’re like to glimpse one) for honeymooners hankering to focus on one another, and for families who understand the concept that sometimes doing nothing at all is really doing everything.

With 175 hotels to choose from — some that dot the very edge of the beach from high-rises to a colonial styles, and a handful of two-and-three-or five bedroom villas to rent for a week,  scatter down the shoreline like tide-deposited seashells, South Florida makes the perfect place for a destination wedding of any size.

Our couples do bring smaller groups, 10 – 50 or so, and hold ceremonies on the beach, on the verandahs of sea-facing hotels, and in the gardens and parks in the area.  Some brides and grooms come alone, choosing to make this their day alone, and letting the Ideal I Do’s wedding-planners organize every romantic detail.

There’s plenty to amuse kids here as well. Besides sandcastle-building, South Florida offers a bevy of  beach toys and activities, from stand-up paddleboards, to sailboats, jet skis to bikes, and we can organize scavenger   and outings to kid-pleasing places such as Jungle Island, and the everglades  as well.

Wedding guests, groomsmen and maids can likewise entertain themselves. Besides the hotel pools, often ringed by linen-capped day beds, Ideal I Do’s offers to organize daily fitness walks on the beach with breakfast, and customizes itineraries to include sunset cruises, snorkeling expeditions, diving outings, and deep sea fishing adventures.


New Ideas for your Beach Wedding

Around the world, and here in America, beach destination weddings are continuing to rise in popularity, with new and unique ideas by brides and grooms taking the lead. Wedding professionals like Ideal I Do’s appreciate the personal touches available to everyone.



Beach escapes will always be popular.  Florida is always at the top of the list as there are 800 miles of beaches to choose from.



Each couple has a story to tell of their journey into love and down the aisle. This journey is an important part of their narrative, and is the motivation behind personalization. Gone are the days of pre-planned, formulaic destination wedding packages, built for convenience over individuality. Today’s couples are exercising their influence over ceremony spots, rituals, menus, favors, attire and entertainment.



Paying attention to our planet is no longer a trend, but a mandate to many wedding couples and young wedding couples today are accustomed to exercising their influence over their environment. Opportunities to conserve and preserve are plentiful, also in destination weddings. Ideal I Do’s offers the best option in “leave no trace – do no harm” philosophy.  We never leave anything behind except it it is natural and organic, such as real rose petals from the aisle.  Florida also has green resorts and eco-friendly restaurants.


Eco friendly can be budget friendly too!  Couples are turning to “save the date” e-cards as well as recycled paper for their stationery needs.  Sustainable organic flowers and using local in-season food appeal to couples wanting to tie the knot away at the beach while still honoring their commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.


Unique Couples Choose Unique Weddings 


Long on the forefront of marriage equality, Ideal I Do’s applauds Florida’s law endorsing same-sex weddings.



Couples love to include traditions and customs from their heritage on their special day, and there’s no reason to think this can’t be done at a destination. With an understanding of this need, select destination wedding resorts offer cultural wedding packages. From kosher cuisine for Jewish weddings and long celebrated experiences for Hindu weddings to seaside Catholic wedding chapels, an increasing number of venues seek to tailor their packages to meet every couple’s needs.



Ideal I Do’s website is full of local south Florida attractions.   What better way to include some quality time with friends and family? Whether it’s a sightseeing tour or a boating adventure, fishing, arranging excursions for the group is a fun way to include everyone in the festivities. Group activities also pave the way for an amazing collection of images, as destination wedding photographers continue to offer more extensive coverage in an effort to capture the entire trip.


10 Key Ideas to Remember: Packing for your Florida Beach Wedding

10 Tips on Packing For Your Destination Wedding

1 To avoid being a stressed out beach bride – it’s good to start a checklist of everything that needs to be packed, add to it every time you think of something, and double check it the night before you leave. This will avoid you being so overwhelmed with last minute details and leave you a calm beautiful bride.  Nothing ruins a beach wedding like stress!

2 Don’t check-in your wedding gown, veil, shoes, groom’s attire or anything else that you’ll need on your wedding day. Call the airline ahead of time and ask them for rules of carry ons in this situation.

3 Packing your gown in a proper garment bag – not plastic.  If it gets wrinkles, don’t worry – you can ask your wedding planner if they can recommend a service to press it to smooth or the hotel may have a service too.

4 Don’t ship anything important to your destination if you are going international – this is another reason to stay within the US for your beach destination wedding – there have been many horror stories where decorations or favors get held up in customs or lost in transit and never make it in time for the wedding day. Come to Florida!


Beach Wedding Ceremonies


Destination Weddings

Wedding Cruises

Beach Wedding Decorations


5 If you’re traveling with favors or items that can break, use your clothes or towels to wrap them up and stuff them in the center of your suitcase so that they’re padded on the top and bottom.

6 Here’s a good general packing tip: Put your socks and underwear inside your shoes to make extra room.

7 If you can, try to roll your clothes instead of folding, and shove them in every nook and cranny of your luggage – don’t forget the outside pockets!  Better to take a smaller suitcase  and make use of every inch.

8 Check the zippers!!! Make sure they won’t break with the pressure on them – then once your luggage seems full, zip it up and sit or stand on it  This will make just a little more room to add some more beach clothes.

9 Put all liquids (sunblock!!) inside zip lock bags and place them on top so that if they burst open in transit they wont dirty all your clothes.  Remember you can always buy stuff at your destination that’s travel size and hotels always supply at least shampoo and soap so don’t pack these – use screw top bottles!!!

10 If you are bringing stuff you will use at the wedding and not take home, you won’t need as much luggage on your way back home so avoid paying excess luggage fees by packing your decorations and favors in an old suitcase or duffle bag that you can leave behind. Bags are inspected so use a TSA approved lock. And don’t pack anything illegal!!! LOL!IMG_8271

The Key to Happiness? Simplicity

Ideal I Do’s knows there is a constant quest to perfect the art of the beautiful, simple, affordable beach wedding. We believe that the bride and groom know better than anyone how to bring in key elements to make their wedding even more special and we are here to help in that effort. We have seen some of the most thoughtful details included in Florida beach ceremonies that just do so much to make the whole thing feel more intimate, romantic and memorable.
As they say: “the devil is in the details”. In the midst of the Pinterest, Blog, DIY wedding craze, we have one piece of advice: keep it simple. Repeat this mantra when your to-do list is getting so long you start to panic at the sight of it. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with ideas, especially when it is so much fun to click through gorgeous picture after picture of wedding detail inspiration.

Here’s a method to quell the madness: Surf the internet, make a Pinterest board, fold over pages in bridal magazines, and just take a little time to let yourself dream of your big day.

Then, talk to your fiancé – remember him/her? and choose three details to focus on. It doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money, it can be anything from a special gift for your bridal party, a family heirloom tied up in your bridal bouquet or a thoughtful message to your guests on a chalkboard…
Ideal I Do’s takes good care of the major things: the physical setup – arch, aisle chairs, the officiant, photography, music, etc. So you can let yourself have fun with your special details: like the vows and any special guests that you would like to participate in your wedding. Call us if you need help!!! 800-643-3254.IMG_5815