Kaitlin and Krisjon’s Beach Wedding to Remember

It was such a pleasure getting to know the two of them. In writing their ceremony, I was looking for the ways in which they would be the right partners for each other and there were so many. They met at work in an environment that is so specialized, it would be hard for an “outsider” to understand their stresses, time commitments and emotional tolls that their jobs, as ER nurses  takes on them.  They were friends for 1 1/2 years working together, friends and colleagues before love surprised them with its need to work through you.  Kaitlin  had a crush on him since the first day they met.  Not just how he looked but the easy going person he is – funny, outdoorsy, hunting and fishing for large mouth bass that Kaitlin can decorate your house with. Krisjon loves her personality, and that she is well organized and keeps his life in order.  She is a great person inside and out, and the fact that she is beautiful is not lost on him.  Their first trip was to Gatlinburg was so special that it was there that Krisjon proposed as well.  Their  future will include a life on the lake and raising a family there.  What a wonderful backstory for a beautiful beach wedding!

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